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Big Hero 6 and tinker stuff

Saw Big Hero 6 which premiered today.
It was Pretty good.
There *is* a tag scene at the end of the credits.
nuff said.

A friend ordered me a care package from Adafruit containing two Neopixel rings. The kind that fit into 50mm Goggles that one might see at a Sci Fi convention. I wired one up last night, and started fooling around with programming an arduino to drive it. Started with making one virtual point "orbit" at any speed and any color I wanted. Then I decided to get a little fancier by implementing a trail behind the virtual point to make it look like a comet or meteor. I did this by simply making four virtual points lined up rather than having a bunch of complicated code based on offsets. Next, noting that glowing hot things go from bright white down to dull red, I made a trail of four points going white, yellow, orange red. The result doesn't quite look like a meteor, more like someone waving a candle flame around. but it's not bad. This is where I stopped last night. More on this later.
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