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I purchase an advanced textiles set from sain smart. Amongst the doodads included are three kite shaped RGB LED boards (singleton LEDs) a watch battery clip board and some cloth to sew them to. Since the LED boards are big and clunky to my eye, I'm going to make peepholes for the LEDs and sew them on the back. Because I can, I'm going to use the buttonhole stitch to edge the peepholes and the Shisha (mirror) embroidery stitch to attach the boards to the cloth. Also in the kit are kids pyjama style snaps which are to be used as switchs. Snap the snaps closed and you've made the connexion. I will wire it so each snap will light one of the color elements of the LEDs so I can have red, blue, green,
red & blue, red & green, blue & green, or all three (which makes a bluish white).

Unused pieces in the kit include a piece of iron on patch material, a piece of peach coloured hyper-colour tshirt material which turns yellow when you touch it, a piece of stretchy silver grey conductive cloth, and a tilt switch. Oh and there's a needle and conductive thread which I may or mayn't use.
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