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Couldn't get SD card to boot on Raspberry Pi 3 after transfer from Pi 2

ok, so forgot the upgrade the first time round.
Second time, upgrade did not write everything over because of a strange disk full
error, so eventually I ended up using:

sudo apt-get clean
[edit oh I think using sudo apt-get -f install might have helped too]

that seems to have done the trick. I went through a couple more cycles of
update-upgrade-reboot 'til upgrade was giving me 0 files to upgrade...
Pi3 now works as advertised. :D
Next: I need to figure out how to get the Slic3r gui working on Pi, and bind it to PrintRun.

more keywords: rainbow screen raspbian wheezy
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3D printer

Have finally reassembled the 3D printer I was demo-ing at BalticCon. I have purchased a temp sensor for its non-existent heated bed and have wired it so that when I turn on the heated bed, it runs a biscuit fan to cool the extruder which I have been having problems with.

Demo-ing was fun. To a certain extent, 3D printers are like cat television for fen. The most exotic thing I made was a three colour bracelet with two bands of colour that are white normally but turn purple or deep rose if exposed to strong UV (the Sun being the most common source. The third colour was glow in the dark, which is white until you come back inside from going out in the sun. Some fun could be had by just giving it to someone as just a plain white bracelet, and seeing how long it takes for them to discover the additional properties.

If I ever demo again I need a larger variety of patterns to print, and probably some that I personally wouldn't find interesting.
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I purchase an advanced textiles set from sain smart. Amongst the doodads included are three kite shaped RGB LED boards (singleton LEDs) a watch battery clip board and some cloth to sew them to. Since the LED boards are big and clunky to my eye, I'm going to make peepholes for the LEDs and sew them on the back. Because I can, I'm going to use the buttonhole stitch to edge the peepholes and the Shisha (mirror) embroidery stitch to attach the boards to the cloth. Also in the kit are kids pyjama style snaps which are to be used as switchs. Snap the snaps closed and you've made the connexion. I will wire it so each snap will light one of the color elements of the LEDs so I can have red, blue, green,
red & blue, red & green, blue & green, or all three (which makes a bluish white).

Unused pieces in the kit include a piece of iron on patch material, a piece of peach coloured hyper-colour tshirt material which turns yellow when you touch it, a piece of stretchy silver grey conductive cloth, and a tilt switch. Oh and there's a needle and conductive thread which I may or mayn't use.
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3D printer

my printer has been down since early December. I finally found what I needed to know to reflash the firmware. First was a copy of the firmware ("Marlin-unified-v2.hex"), and a module called "dfu-programmer" DFU is a particular kind of bootloader for AVR devices.
My copy of PrintRun now connects to it and I have used it to change filaments. The printer is too noisy to test now. Am worried that the reflash has changed settings so the printer no longer accurately prints an design.
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Raspberry Pi

Want to clutch my head like a stunned monkey.

-got a new raspi model B+
-took a long time finding my notes on how to "burn" an image to SD
-burned the SD
-now the microSD won't latch in the slot on the B+ :C

I may end up using a twist tie, or masking tape.
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More goggle stuff

Decided to skip noodling with the software and try to finish up the goggles. I took a pair of Girl Genius goggles, and found that if you take the lenses off there are perfect niches to wedge each pixel ring into. I substituted the bead chain between the two eyepieces with the necessary wiring cable wrapped with 50 lb test braided fishing line. Then I rewrote software to make mirror whirling meteors around each eye. Deosil around the right eye and widdershins around the left. The elasitic for the goggles is shot, so I think I will substitute one of those stretchy tubes that keeps glasses on, and it will provide a channel to wires through to my arduino and USB power stick.

I am toying with the idea of using a rotary encoder with button to give me mode and color shifting ability. Also I remember reading an article about how some fellow made a set of lights helpful for detecting skin cancer just using select colors of LEDs. I figure if I find the info I can do the equivalent be merely reprogramming the NeoPixels to put out matching colors.