just another blogger (keith_m043) wrote,
just another blogger

More goggle stuff

Decided to skip noodling with the software and try to finish up the goggles. I took a pair of Girl Genius goggles, and found that if you take the lenses off there are perfect niches to wedge each pixel ring into. I substituted the bead chain between the two eyepieces with the necessary wiring cable wrapped with 50 lb test braided fishing line. Then I rewrote software to make mirror whirling meteors around each eye. Deosil around the right eye and widdershins around the left. The elasitic for the goggles is shot, so I think I will substitute one of those stretchy tubes that keeps glasses on, and it will provide a channel to wires through to my arduino and USB power stick.

I am toying with the idea of using a rotary encoder with button to give me mode and color shifting ability. Also I remember reading an article about how some fellow made a set of lights helpful for detecting skin cancer just using select colors of LEDs. I figure if I find the info I can do the equivalent be merely reprogramming the NeoPixels to put out matching colors.
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