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Assorted Ruminations and Screeds

just another blogger
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Friending policy:
If you friend me, chances are I will friend you back. I have almost nothing hidden except the occasional secret message or thing that has sensitive info such as my full name. Some of you may be curious why I may be regularly commenting in your journal not having friended you. I am somewhat introverted and tend not to friend ppl unless I know them well. I also don't want anyone to feel obligated to friend me thus sharing their personal info when all I want is to read their posts deemed fit for public consumption. Right now there are about fifty ppl in my links folder called "unfriended blogs". I start riffling through that when my friends list hasn't produced anything new for a while and I'm bored. Most of them are friends' friends and a couple of the popular Iraqi blogs (ginmar & deviantsaint)

I am librarian-spawn and I have many books and much anime and manga. My books cover a bunch of general stuff plus specialties in industrial arts, medieval crafts and of course science fiction. I also collect the equipment to go with lot of the above listed arts and crafts which I use well enough to teach others the basics in a given craft but not any farther. I am a regular attendee of eastern US SF Conventions and an occasional attendee of World(SF)Con. I have done historical re-enactment in the past (mostly viking) and still belong to a group that has a viking ship replica in the Chesapeake Bay. A lot of the time I listen to C-SPAN whilst persuing divers arts.

Groups I'm currently a member of/affiliated with are: Markland,SCA,LUMSF(in exile), WSFA, BSFS, JASFA, the Longship Company & Thrir Venstri Foetr.

Oh and I used to do the MUD thing on and off for a long time. I was Cygnus on Terpmud in the late 80's and I was TigerBalm on a bunch of muds in the 90's Including MicroMUSE, OceanaMUSE, WindsMARE, a couple of TinyMUDs and an experiment in mudding in New Zealand called a MEEP. I am currently involved in a multiplayer game called Movoda.
.hack, abandoned buildings, aeon flux, african drumming, albinoes, anime, anodizing titanium, arabic drumming, arisia, baitcon, balticon, bead working, bellydance, björk, blacksmithing, boating, bsfs, c-span, camping, chainmail, chainmail armor, clannad, comic books, cowboy bebop, cows with guns, crafts, darkover, diesel sweeties, eddie izzard, edward gorey, el goonish shive, el hazard, electric vehicles, electronics, english country dancing, faceting, fantek, farscape, fifth element, final fantasy, fire, flea markets, freefall, get fuzzy, girl genius, glass working, goats, gpf, hamfests, henna, historical re-enactment, houshin engi, international relations, japan, japanese culture, japanese history, japanese language, jewelry making, kanji, kate bush, katsucon, kevin and kell, lapidary, libraries, liquid nitrogen ice cream, long hair, longships, loreena mckennitt, macs, markland, massage therapy, matt howarth, metalworking, micromuse, mike oldfield, miyazaki, motorcycles, movoda, music, nalbinding, neil gaiman, neon, neutronium, osama bin laden, philcon, pic, plasma, polyamory, puzzle boxes, puzzle rings, pysanky, questioning authority, red hair, robots, roller coasters, salt marshes, samurai jack, sandman, sapient pearwood, sca, scarygoround, sci-fi, science, science fiction, science fiction conventions, secret garden, sf conventions, sf fandom, shamanic princess, silk, silver, space, sprang, straight but not narrow, techno, technology, the last unicorn, the moon, three left feet, thrir venstri foetr, thunderstorms, tigers, tim burton, titanium, tools, tooth buds, tori amos, transmetropolitan, twice upon a time, unicorn jelly, unix, used book stores, video games, viking wire weaving, vikings, wapsi square, women with glasses, wsfa, xxxenophile, yard sales, zelazny, zhu zhu hamsters